SAE AS 9100 / EN 9100
Quality Management Systems – Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations
Системы менеджмента качества – Требования для авиационных, космических и оборонных организаций

Requirements and Flow Down (7.4.2 b)
Section: 7.4.2 b Section Title: Requirements for Personnel
9100 Clause Purchasing information:  Purchasing information shall describe the product to be purchased including, where appropriate,  requirements for qualification of personnel.
Generic Expectation Requests for procurement of material and supplies shall also include any requirements for personnel certifications / qualifications when the processes being used to produce the product require it or the organization's customer has flowed that requirement to the organization as well.
Product Type:

Raw Material


Supplier Design
Specific Expectation Organization (Buyer) None - by definition this requirement would not be imposed on this type of procurement Typically no contractual document or requirement, unless non-destructive testing or welding was involved.  Then typically the "requirement for personnel" would be embedded in a related specification such as an AMS or customer specification that requires personnel certifications for these types of tasks.  This would be included in the product specification or engineering definition on the contractual document by part number or specification. A contract clause or design specification requirement is to be placed in the contractual document or included in the technical package.  Sometimes  the organization will approve or require personnel performing certain processes to be approved by means of compliance with a specification or industry standard.  Examples include non-destructive testing, welding, electrical soldering or other processes that have a high degree of human intervention and control. Customer requirements that are flowed to the organization have to also be flowed to sub-contractors. A requirement for the supplier organization to have controls for certain processes or specifications which are typically included in the design specification or statement of work for the item to be procured.  The actual requirements for personnel certification / qualification will usually be subsequently approved as part of design review and approval with provisions that these requirements are not to be changed without the approval of the organiztion.
Supplier (Seller) COTS suppliers shall ensure that employees are adequately trained in accordance with any applicable requirements or specifications. AS9100 See 7.2.2 Customer-Related Processes and 7.5.2.b Validation of Processes for Production and Service Provision (b: approval of equipment and qualification of personnel) as applicable when the customer has to approve personnel.   AS9100 See 7.2.2 Customer-Related Processes
Documentation to demonstrate conformance to expectation (what the auditor would look for) Organization (Buyer) None - by definition this requirement would not be imposed on this type of procurement Typically there should be specifications or contract clauses that would specify the requirement the organization is looking for on the contractual documents. Specific design and process control related items would be defined in the statement of work or specifications.  Subsequent orders would require the original / qualified design specifications and requirements.  Subsequent orders may highlight specific contract clauses for requirements as subsequently identified by the organization's customer that need to be flowed down to the supplier. 
Supplier (Seller) None Typically a certificate of conformance stating that the supplier complies with the order requirements.  If a specific specification is required, it should be so noted on the certification and attested to.
Examples (Best Practices) Organization (Buyer) None SAE ARP 9009 - Contract Clauses.  Specific detail in contract clause identifying what data or information is required to be submitted with each shipment or approval method that will be used to cover all shipments under the order (such as Nadcap approval or audit).
Supplier (Seller) N/A Nadcap Approvals or other industry processes / certifications.  Responses to contractual document acceptance to delineate Certifications to the customer specifically identifying what personnel certifications will be complied with and what data will be submitted with shipments attesting to the compliance with contract terms and specifications.

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Руководство по управлению цепочкой поставки

(Requirements and Flow Down)

7.2.1 a - Требования к поставке и деятельности после поставки
7.2.1 b - Требования, не определенные потребителем
7.2.1. c,d - Законодательные и другие обязательные требования
7.2.2 §1 - Анализ требований, относящихся к продукции
7.2.2 a - Анализ требований, которые были определены
7.2.2 b - Изменение ранее сформулированных требований
7.2.2 c - Способность выполнить требования
7.2.2 d - Специальные требования
7.2.2 e - Оценка риска
7.2.2 §2 - Записи об анализе
7.2.2 §3 - Недокументированные требования
7.2.2 §4 - Изменения требований
7.2.3 a,b,c - Связь с потребителем
7.4.1 - Процесс закупок
7.4.1 a - Реестр одобренных поставщиков
7.4.1 b - Периодический анализ деятельности поставщика
7.4.1 c - Невыполнение требований
7.4.1 d - Специальные процессы, одобренные заказчиком
7.4.1 e - Присвоение поставщику статуса утверждения
7.4.1 f - Риск при выборе поставщиков
7.4.2 a - Требования к одобрению
7.4.2 b - Требования к персоналу
7.4.2 c - Требования к СМК
7.4.2 d - Требования к техническим данным
7.4.2 e - Требования к приемке
7.4.2 f - Требования к образцам для испытаний
7.4.2 g - Требования по несоответствующей продукции
7.4.2 h - Требования к хранению записей
7.4.2 i - Требования к правам доступа
7.4.2 j - Передача требований по цепочке
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