SAE AS 9100 / EN 9100
Quality Management Systems – Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations
Системы менеджмента качества – Требования для авиационных, космических и оборонных организаций

Requirements and Flow Down (7.4.2 i)
Section: 7.4.2 i Section title: Requirements for Right of Access
9100 C Clause Purchasing Information: Purchasing information shall describe the product to be purchased including, where applicable, right of access by the organization, their customer, and regulatory authorities to all facilities, at any level of the supply chain, involved in the order and to all applicable records. 
Generic Expectation Buyers need to contractually require right-of-access to all the suppliers, within the supply chain, involved in the contract producing goods or services. The supplier, and their subtiers need to grant reasonable access to the Buyer, its representatives, customers and Regulatory Bodies to all areas used for the performance of the contract. The suppliers will need to assure they provide assistance with pertinent personnel, facilities, equipment and records associated with the contract. Regulatory bodies require a right-to-access clause and will typically validate it is documented to all the tiers within the supply chain performing to the contract. (Access for the purpose of safety must be granted)
Product Type:

Raw Material


Supplier Design
Specific Expectation Organization (Buyer) The Buyer should create and document a right-to-access requirement, to the supply chain, in a contract issued to provide goods or services. 
The Buyer should expect that the flow-down of this requirement to their supplier, will be subsequently flowed down throughout the supply chain producing goods or services to the aviation, space and defense industries. 
The Buyer and Regulatory Bodies that invoke the access right, should use reasonable judgement to assure the supplier's availability to support; unless potential safety or criminal intent is evident. 
Supplier (Seller) The supplier should assure flow-down of the right-to-access requirement to their subsequent supply chain. This should be a standard requirement for goods or sevices.  
When reasonably invoked by the Buyer, the supplier should make a sound effort to support the Buyer in their actions. When invoked by a Regulatory Body, the supplier will need comply as requested.
If the right-to-access is invoked by the Buyer or Regulatory Body to support a safety or criminal issue, the supplier will need to support as requested. 
Documentation to demonstrate conformance to expectation (what the auditor would look for) Organization (Buyer) The Buyer should provide a notification to the Supplier prior to a need to visit, where possible. Such notice may need to contain the names, positions, citizenship and the contract the visiting personnel will be addressing along with the duration and purpose of the visit.
Supplier (Seller) The supplier should have a documented copy of the the right-to-access contract clause from the Buyer. 
If the right-to-access is invoked by the Buyer or Regulatory Body, the supplier should have either a verbal (record of conversation) or documented invocation of the contracted access. 
    Documented evidence of right-of-access requirement flowdown to sub-tiers.
Examples (Best Practices) Organization (Buyer) N/A Example: see comment Example:  see comment Example:  see comment
Supplier (Seller) N/A N/A N/A N/A
Примечание. The Supplier hereby grants, and shall cause any of its suppliers to grant, to Buyer the right to visit the facility of Supplier or any of its suppliers and their sub-tiers during operating hours to review progress and performance with respect to production, schedule, cost, quality and protection of Buyer's proprietary rights under any Contract. Any Buyer representative shall be allowed access to all areas used for the performance of the Agreement. Such access shall be subject to the regulations of any governmental agency regarding admissibility and movement of personnel on the premises of the Supplier or any of its suppliers.
Buyer shall notify Supplier prior to any visit. Such notice shall contain the names, citizenship and positions of the visiting personnel and the duration and purpose of such visit.

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Руководство по управлению цепочкой поставки

(Requirements and Flow Down)

7.2.1 a - Требования к поставке и деятельности после поставки
7.2.1 b - Требования, не определенные потребителем
7.2.1. c,d - Законодательные и другие обязательные требования
7.2.2 §1 - Анализ требований, относящихся к продукции
7.2.2 a - Анализ требований, которые были определены
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7.4.1 b - Периодический анализ деятельности поставщика
7.4.1 c - Невыполнение требований
7.4.1 d - Специальные процессы, одобренные заказчиком
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7.4.2 c - Требования к СМК
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7.4.2 f - Требования к образцам для испытаний
7.4.2 g - Требования по несоответствующей продукции
7.4.2 h - Требования к хранению записей
7.4.2 i - Требования к правам доступа
7.4.2 j - Передача требований по цепочке
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